About Us

About Us

ErikaW brings a simple and elegant taste on fashion, for matured females. The brand endeavours to offer the highest quality products, and designs, for everyday fashion.


Captured in the city of fashion, Milan, ErikaW brings a diverse range of fashionable wears that is smart, casual yet in trend. This brings our customers products that are inspired by the current "simplicity" and "minimalism" trends on the market.

 About our Products

Our ErikaW collection are made in Italy, uses a new dimension in knitwear – 3D technology. Explore ErikaW’s innovative range created through whole-garment knitting. Each of our 3D pieces uses a single thread from start to finish, producing a seamless finish and unrivalled feel. No stitching means no unnecessary interference with the natural elasticity of knit materials. This creates knitwear which serves to fit you.

Besides existing products listed on our website, customers are welcome to contact us about “MANUFACTURE TO ORDER” by which means that you can have your chosen style, patterns, colours, and even your own logo knitwear from us. 

Call us on +44 (0)161 211 0101 now for more information!